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Rules & Information


The policy of this resort is to provide a relaxed, quiet, and courteous atmosphere.
The resort, its officers, directors, managers, and employees shall not be liable for and shall be save harmless from any loss, injury or damage to any possessions or persons, however caused.

Use of the resort and its equipment and facilities is solely at your own risk.

The resort reserves the right to ask any camper to leave the property for non compliance with the rules and regulations stated below; or any other reasonable request made to discontinue conduct or noise offensive in any way to the management or any other camper.


  • Only one recreational unit per site (All trailers must be factory-manufactured units)

  • Sites/trailers cannot be sublet (unless being used my members registered under the ‘Family/Individual Camping Pass’)

  • Park Management must approve a trailer, and its position, before placement on the seasonal site

  • Campers are responsible for site clean-up when vacating a seasonal site- this includes leaving the site in the condition in which it was received; includes raking, removal of all garbage and debris, and the reseeding of patchy or bare areas resulting from removal of patio stones or decks (SEE: Security Deposit)

  • If a seasonal camper chooses to move sites within the park, a $400 fee will apply *does not apply to those purchasing brand new trailer

  • Only park model cottages bought through Townsend Recreation are permitted to enter the campground

  • No campers are to stay overnight within the campground during the off-season (before opening dates + after closing dates)

  • Any campers that wish to visit their trailer during the off-season, must notify park management prior to arrival (email is sufficient)

  • Sites must be maintained by the camper and kept free and clear of litter and debris (including area behind your trailer)

  • All trailers must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and smoke detector(s) as required by law

  • Insurance on your trailer, personal possessions, and public liability on your site are required and are the responsibility of the registered camper

SECURITY ACCESS GATE (open during office hours) 

  • For entry outside business hours, please obtain a gate access card at the office - $25 is payable for each gate access card

  • If a seasonal camper sells their trailer or leaves the campground between 1 to 4 years of entering the park, the gate card deposit is refundable in the amount of $10 per card - after 4 years, the gate card deposit is non-refundable

  • If you or your guests return to the park after office hours, and do not have a gate card, you must park your vehicle outside the gate


  • Seasonal camping fees must be paid in full no later than May 1st (site fees are for 2 adults and their dependent children aged 17 and under)

  • Interest will be added at a rate of 5% per month on the outstanding balances as of May 2nd

  • NSF payments will be subject to $100 charge

  • Campers wishing to terminate their stay, or if Management revokes camping privileges prior to the end of the season, a refund of any portion of fees paid shall be at the sole discretion of Park Management- if fee refund is considered, a $100 administration fee will be charged

  • No refunds will be considered after June 15th

  • To reserve your seasonal site for a subsequent camping season, a non-refundable deposit of $1000 must be paid prior to September 30th of the preceding year (this deposit will: hold your existing site for the following camping season, entitle you to store your trailer in the park for the winter, and will be applied in full to your seasonal fee for the next camping season)



  • This security deposit is a $500.00 one-time fee, and is fully refundable if at the time of your departure your site is clean and clear of all debris, property, buildings, decks, and leaves are cleaned/raked/bagged, etc.; and if all of the seasonal campers’ bills have been paid in full



  • All campers are responsible/liable for their visitors during their duration of stay at Carolinian Forest Campground

  • Visitors are not permitted to enter for free no matter how long the duration of their stay

  • All visitors must register and pay the applicable visitor fees ($8/adult/day or $15/adult/night – adults are individuals 18 years and older)

  • Any visitors staying at the owner’s trailer when the owner is not present, are subject to the camping rate of $45 per night

  • A “Family Camping Pass” is available for a fee of $400 - it allows unlimited day and overnight visits for 2 specified adults per season and their children 17 years of age and younger

  • An “Individual Camping Pass” is available for a fee of $250 - it allows unlimited day and overnight visits for 1 adult and his/her children 17 years of age and younger



  • Quiet hours are from 11 PM to 9 AM daily (will be adjusted due to camp events and socials)

  • All music must be turned off by 11 PM

  • Music + conversation should be kept at a reasonable level “for your site only” at all times

  • All children and teenagers must be on their campsite or accompanied by an adult after dark


  • Alcoholic beverages may be transported between locations in the park in a carrying bag/cooler

  • Alcohol must be covered or in an unbreakable container – NO GLASS 

  • Excessive drinking and/or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated 

  • Smoking is only permitted on your site (or another seasonal site)

  • Smoking is not permitted in any public area including the pool, playground, roadways, etc.


  • 1 dog + 1 cat allowed per site for families with children 17 years and younger

  • 2 dogs per site for families with no children 17 years and younger

  • Visitors are permitted to bring 1 pet (dog or cat) per camp site

  • All dogs/cats - no matter how ‘nice’ or ‘well-behaved' MUST be on a leash at all times

  • All dogs/cats MUST be tethered while on their own site

  • Keep retractable leashes at a 6ft length - your pet is not welcome to enter any other sites

  • You MUST pick up your dog/cats poop 

  • Dogs/cats must not be left unattended at any time

  • Dogs/cats are not allowed in the washroom facilities or pool enclosure at any time including concrete patio’s


  • Campfires must be extinguished and/or covered before leaving the site or before retiring for the night

  • Campers are responsible for cleaning out their own fire pit- ensure ash residues are cold when disposed of 


  • Storage of boats and/or utility trailers on campsites is strictly prohibited

  • Contact Park Management to arrange for boat and or utility trailer storage (fees will apply)


  • The speed limit is 10 km/h and applies to all vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles

  • Parking is restricted to designated parking areas or your campsite only

  • Parking on campsites is restricted to a maximum of 2 vehicles- all other vehicles (tenants and/or visitors) must be parked in designated visitor parking areas

  • Parking on roadways is prohibited by fire regulations; all roadways in the park are classed as a fire route

  • Motorcycle owners who are registered tenants may drive their motorcycle to their designated campsite only

  • Motorcyclists cannot rev or idle engines at any time in the campground

  • Washing vehicles at any time is not allowed



  • Lawn cutting, fallen leaves, branches, and site clean-up are the responsibility of the seasonal camper

  • Bagged leaves must be placed in the compost area (bags must be biodegradable)

  • Unkempt grass will be cut at Management’s discretion and a fee of $25 will be charged to the occupant



  • Each seasonal camper must pay $50 per season for garbage disposal

  • The camp garbage dumpster is for KITCHEN GARBAGE ONLY- if you are found disposing of anything but kitchen garbage, a $75 charge will be applied to your contract

  • The garbage dumpster is only to be used to dispose of garbage generated inside the park- bringing garbage from home is not acceptable

  • Unwanted furniture, TV’s, BBQ’s, lawn chairs, rugs etc., are not to be left at the dumpster

  • All cans, glass, cardboard, and plastic containers should be placed in the recycle bins located beside the dumpster

  • Place all empty alcohol containers in bins provided beside recycling area

  • Cardboard should be cut up into smaller pieces before being placed in the recycling receptacles


  • Sewage drain hoses must be sealed at the point where they enter the sewer system

  • HOLDING TANK CHEMICALS MUST BE USED IN ALL CAMPING UNITS AND MUST BE BIODEGRADABLE (products that do not contain Formaldehyde or Chlorine)

  • Do not flush sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, or other adult hygiene products down RV sewer lines or public toilets; even if the product label states that the product is safe to flush- the Septic system in the park cannot handle these products

  • Single ply toilet tissue is required


  • Hydro meters will tabulate hydro consumption and will be read accordingly

  • Hydro bills will be available when announced via email or signage at the front gate

  • Tampering with hydro meters and/or hydro breakers will result in immediate eviction from the park and/or prosecution


  • The seasonal camper is responsible for all charges/fees related to set up, connection, and disconnection of telephone and cable services

  • If you make a service appointment, please note that Park Management is not responsible for handing out trailer keys (unless previously discussed), or ushering the service person to your trailer


  • No trailer may be sold on the park premises without the expressed consent of Park Management 

  • Trailers to be sold privately must be removed from the park premises

  • All trailers over 10 years of age will not be resold in the campground, Peaked-roof Park Model cottages at Management’s discretion

  • All Peaked-roof Park Model cottages must be bought through Townsend Recreation Inc.


  • Any construction including decks, utility sheds, patios, awnings, Florida Rooms, and major landscaping, must be reviewed by Park Management prior to the onset of any work

  • Only one utility shed is allowed per site (all new utility sheds must be polyethylene plastic—no wood or metal sheds allowed)

  • Florida Rooms must be professionally built, manufactured, and installed units by H&H Patio Enclosures

  • Any trailer owner assessed for taxation is responsible for completing and paying for permits which alter the tax assessed values



  • Motorized pleasure vehicles such as quads, dirt bikes, etc. are prohibited from driving in the campground 

  • Fireworks/fire crackers, firearms, pellet or air guns, sling shots and bows and arrows, or shooting of any kind are not permitted inside the park at any time

  • Defacing or vandalizing park property is prohibited

  • Defacing trees, bushes, or gardens is prohibited (No nails or screws in trees)


  • Pool is to be used at your own risk between 930am and dusk (daily)

  • No lifeguards on duty at the pool- Carolinian Forest Campground accepts no liability for accidents or injuries that occur in the pool enclosure

  • Smoking, gum chewing, footwear, food, or any beverage containers are not permitted in the pool enclosure

  • Pool phone is for emergency use only

  • Failure to obey pool rules (posted at the pool), will result in eviction from the pool

  • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult or a delegate that is 16 years of age or older

  • Adult Swim Times (18 years and older) are from 8-9pm daily, children must leave the pool area during this time

  • No animals allowed inside the pool enclosure or on the pool patio

  • No foam objects or toys or any kind are permitted inside the pool enclosure

  • Carolinian Forest Campground reserves the right to refuse admittance to the pool for health and/or safety reasons


KIDS RULES (Adult supervision is essential for children at all times)

  • Playground equipment is not to be used after dark

  • Bicycle riding is not permitted after dark                                                                                     


The campground reserves the right to ask any camper to leave the campground for non-compliance with the above stated rules and regulations; or any other reasonable request made to discontinue conduct or noise offensive in any way to the management or any other camper.

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